just incase you can’t get on to see it first hand here’s the minecraft April Fools prank

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as you can see in this post with these words this post right here this one with these words this is my post as you can see it is mine i made it

hey guys look at this post i made its mine i made it

The april fools joke is that I’m back on this blog SHOCKING






I’m so done with this planet

she saved two lives and all they care about is her nipple.

this is sexism, my friends.

This is just fucking ridiculous! I’m sure the last thing she gave a shit about was her nipple coming out while she was SAVING HER CHILD AND THEIR NANNY! 

Gotta love he fact that the story is about the nip slip and not the rescue.  The rescue is just an afterthought.

this is so disgusting

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104th meets sasha in a shitty awful modern au aka “i can’t characterize anyone”

  • sasha and jean met when they were really little and sasha moved in next door and their families become family friends so sasha and jean become close friends (eventually when sasha’s mom runs off their families have more and more shit together and go on vacation and stuff and so sasha and jean are basically Those childhood friends)
  • she meets bert and reiner when they’re in fifth grade and she thinks reiner is funny, she spends at least two weeks trying to impress him.
  • she meets marco in sixth grade when she’s daring people to pick her up at recess (reiner is luckily absent and sasha’s hit her growth spurt early). marco says “ok” and HE PICKS HER UP (not that high because he’s more chubby than anything else at this point) she’s rightfully impressed. sasha cites this as the reason jean ever talked to marco and as the only reason their lurid friendship formed (she’s wrong but also egotistical)
  • on the first day of freshman year an equivalent to the potato thing happens (she’s eating loudly in a silent assembly perhaps) so everyone’s HEARD of her by that point
  • connie and sasha meet by trying out for the morning announcements and ok i just wrote a post about this here it’s good read it
  • connie meets Ymir shortly after because connie thinks he and ymir are friends because he’s black and she’s latinx (he is wrong. he is so wrong). sasha annoys her more than connie does.
  • she meets annie when annie and her both make the hockey team but annie is kicked off shortly after for aggression. sasha is scared of annie.
  • SHE MEETS KRISTA when she’s in detention one day and is looking outside and krista’s assisting with the school’s nature club and they’re planting flowers outside and it’s fucking SPRING of sophmore year and she’s kooped up in detention (which CONNIE doesn’t even get anymore), and when krista sees her she makes goofy faces at her and tries to keep sasha entertained and when sasha gets out they exchange numbers (sasha is in love instantly)
  • i cant believe im leaving the main characters for last but she meets mikasa when they’re put in the same gym class junior year and mikasa is probably like. in the top 10% of the school and shit and sasha thinks that’s cool. she smile when sasha makes jokes in the locker room (sasha thinks it’s cute)
  • armin. ohhh armin. sasha gets a gig “housesitting” armin’s place when his parents are (perpetually) away on business and armin initially is like oh good great cool fun i get a babysitter but sasha breaks literally every regulation they have and also orders hawaiin pizza so they become friends. 
  • she never really…MEETS eren. eren just kinda talks to other people she knows, and eventually they comment on each others statuses because they both like idk meat and beyonce.

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ok but connie having dyscalculia and/or dyslexia but because he’s a little shit a lot of people just assume he’s dumb

sasha meets him freshman year when they’re applying to do morning announcements (separately) and the person in charge of that choice really likes sasha’s charisma and is in fairly good classes and stuff (even though she’s been known to have incidents of annoying teachers), but is hesitant to give connie the gig because of his “history” at his old middle school. sasha vouches for him though because she thinks he’s hilarious and she says she won’t do it if he’s not the co-anchor so the teacher ends up RELUCTANTLY putting them on the announcements

(they do it for all four years they’re there and go off script so often it’s amazing)

they become  friends partially over that and partially because mid-way through the year connie starts pulling up in grades (thanks partially to getting treatment and partially to asshole tutor jean WHO SHOULDN’T EVEN BE A TUTOR WTF HE’S A FRESHMAN) and ends up going into harder classes, which Sasha is in, and Sasha is usually the only person he knows in higher classes so he sorta clings to her.

(not that Sasha has many friends in higher classes either) (or at all) (Sasha has two friends when she’s a freshman and one and a half of them are Jean)


wow i’m a teenager trying to figure out this horrifying dystopian world with minimal resources and constant terror while frequently fighting just to stay alive you know what i really have time for

a love triangle

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why can’t my emotional troubles become physical manifestations so i can have a boss battle and be done with it

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you kids these days with your rapidly growing concern for the state of the world and your knowledge of important issues at increasingly younger ages despite having been told your opinions don’t matter by the adults who put you in these situations

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